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GERMAN : 2017-07-13

Thank you :)

WILLIS : 2017-07-13

I would just agree to what BH said.. seriously..

TOM : 2017-07-13

LAURENCE : 2017-07-13

Nice masala for dosa

KEVIN : 2017-07-13

WILLIAN : 2017-07-13

This looks amazing!

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ANTHONY : 2017-07-13

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I have updated the revised tariffs as asked. One more thing I may be visiting the valley again next year. I will contact you as soon as anything is planned.... Its really wonderful to get a writting from you Maqbool bhai.... Regards ....

MARKUS : 2017-07-13

Upcoming Events

Sat 15/07/2017
Worthing Minigolf Club Open

Sat 19/08/2017
Cambridgeshire & Essex Open 2017

Sun 20/08/2017
British Doubles Championship 2017

Sun 03/09/2017
Wasps Minigolf Open 2017

Sun 08/10/2017
Welsh Open 2017

Previous Events

Sun 09/07/2017
British Open 2017

Fri 07/07/2017
The Players and International Players Championships 2017

Sun 11/06/2017
World Crazy Golf Championship 2017

Sun 07/05/2017
British Championships 2017

Sun 23/04/2017
British Club Championship 2017


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