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British Open 2017
08.07.2017 - 09.07.2017
Hastings Seafront Pirate Golf - Hastings
BMGA 2017


The 2017 British Open tees off on Saturday 8th July on the Pirate Course in Hastings.

Entry to the competition is £30 for 2017 BMGA Tour Pros, £15 for BMGA Tour Juniors and £35 for all other players. Entries are now open for all players and the entry form can be found at


Play will commence on Saturday 8th July  at 10.00am (a rolling start with groups of two or three players, all starting at hole 1, going out at 4 minute intervals) with all players playing 5 rounds on Saturday. Once the tournament has started, there will be no practice permitted on the Pirate Course until the final group have finished their 5th round. Each player will have one practice shot at the start of each round.

The estimated finish time for the final group of the 5th round on Saturday is 5.30pm.

Sunday will consist of 4 further rounds for all players, with play starting at 9.00am after which the top 18 players qualify for a fifth and final round of the day (the Super Play off!) to decide the winner. The estimated finish time (including presentations) on Sunday is 5pm

Any play offs across the weekend will take place as sudden death from Hole 1.

The prize fund up for grabs over the weekend is as follows;

  • 1st place: £300, gold medal and the British Open trophy
  • 2nd place: £200 and silver medal
  • 3rd place: £100 and bronze medal

There will also be additional prizes as follows (NB: any players achieving the top 3 places overall in the Open and the prize money above will not be eligible for following cash prizes):


  • Category 2 Winner: £50 (this is open to any category 2 player – i.e. any player ranked between 17th & 32nd in the official BMGA order of merit)
  • Combined Category 3 / 4 Winner: £50 (this is open to any player – excluding international entrants - not ranked within the top 32 of the Order Of Merit)

There are also be a dedicated trophy for the top overseas player.

The tournament is being run with a rolling start enabling players to watch other players throughout the day (there will always be people out on the course!) and offers a unique insight into the challenges that the course provides.

Players remain in their groups throughout the 5 rounds on Saturday (alternating the playing order)

Results from the British Open, will be live on the World Wide Web from Saturday morning at (this will show the confirmed entrants upto the tournament weekend).

We are expecting the final group to finish their final round of the day around 5.30pm.

The groups will be reordered on Sunday to reflect leaderboard order, with the leaders going out in the final group for round 6 onwards.


Only WMF approved minigolf balls are allowed for this tournament - therefore the only golf ball allowed will be WMF branded balls (these will again be on sale on Friday at the Players Championship). No course balls are allowed.


The Tee off areas for the competition will be in place on Friday morning (official practice day) and will be the usual tee off areas from previous tournaments on the Pirate course (see below). The chalk lines are approx. 6 inches from the edge of the rubber mat, players can tee off anywhere within the chalked area:










Hastings Seafront Pirate GolfMap
Hastings Seafront Pirate Golf   -   Website


The Pirate Golf course is not for those of a nervous disposition. As players make their way around the course, the main event is a set-piece battle between two pirate ships, the 'Lacey Ann' and the 'Sally Jo', with cannon fire, explosions, and splashes as the cannonballs land perilously close to the players and spray water all over them. Further on, there is even a giant talking skull that has a nasty habit of eating your golf ball.

This 18-hole course also features some new obstacles for players who like a bit of a challenge. Some of the holes are raised 'volcano' style, some on plateaus where it is all too easy to overshoot and see your ball roll down the other side. There are several water features to negotiate as well, along with tunnels, ramps and banked curves.

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