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Michael Smith won his eleventh BMGA major, and third British Championship, over the course of Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th May, with a stunning performance on the Pirate Course at Hastings Adventure Golf in the 2018 British Championships.

Michael had an average of 26.25 across eight rounds, with an overall score of 210 (78 under par) for the tournament. This was the lowest average ever hit on the Pirate Course which has hosted four World Adventure Golf Masters, three British Championships and three British Opens since it was built in 2011.

Chris Wood finished second, his first ever podium finish in a major, thirty shots back on 240 (48 under par) following an impressive performance which included three rounds of 28. Chris finished second after beating Will Donnelly at the eighth sudden death extra hole after both players finished on the same score. Will’s highlight of the weekend was shooting an equal personal best of 26 in the penultimate round. Will has now come in the top three of the BMGA’s last three major tournaments (2017 World Crazy Golf Championships, 2017 British Open and 2018 British Championships).

Britain’s top three- Chris Wood (left), Michael Smith (centre) and Will Donnelly (right).


Speaking following his victory, Michael Smith said “I’m delighted to have won the 2018 British Championships. I played very well throughout the weekend and it was probably my best performance since my debut on the BMGA Tour back in 2010. Scoring aces is immense fun and a large part of what makes the sport enjoyable. Equally, my enjoyment of the tournament was largely down to the positive and welcoming atmosphere created by the new EC, who seemed to make a special effort to try to ensure that the competitors enjoyed the event. The organisation of the tournament was excellent throughout the weekend and there seemed to be a fantastic spirit between members of the committee. Huge credit must also go to Chris Richards and his fantastic team of staff at Hastings Adventure Golf. They always make us feel so welcome and they did a great job in keeping the course in an excellent condition despite consistent rain on Saturday. Overall, it was an excellent tournament all round and showed the BMGA at its very best.”


There were also a variety of different class championships being fought for over the course of the weekend.


Michael Smith won the Men’s Championship with Chris Wood in second and Will Donnelly third.


The British Senior’s Championship was also contested over the weekend and was won by Dave Donnelly. Dave finished fourth place overall on a score of 243 (45 under par) which was his highest ever finish at a BMGA Major tournament. In the process he won the BMGA British Senior Championships for the very first time. He performed at a consistently high level throughout with only one round above 31; a feat only bettered by Michael Smith. Dave won the Senior Championships by seven shots ahead of Chris Smith who finished on 250 (38 under par). Mark Wood took the bronze just one shot further back.

The top three British Seniors- Chris Smith (left), Dave Donnelly (centre) and Mark Wood (right).

Speaking following his maiden British Senior’s Title, Dave Donnelly said “I was so pleased to be successful this weekend in an enthralling competition which was played in such a great spirit throughout. Many thanks to my playing partners (Chloe Allart-Bennett, Chris Smith, Will Donnelly and Terry Exall) whose company I enjoyed so much overall all eight rounds- a great time throughout and with whom I was neck- and – neck with for so long. It was a real surprise to find myself leading the way home for the first round but, fortunately, the meltdown didn’t happen! Overall, this was a great minigolfing weekend both on and off the course and, in particular, I really feel this came from the excellent way in which the competition was run by Scott Lancley and his team.”


Ruth Burke won the British Women’s Championship for a tenth time with an overall score of 270 (18 under par) which included a best score of 31. Helen Dodd came second on 285 (3 under par) also with a best round of 31. Marion Hartley finished third with a score of 287 (1 under par) with a best score 33 shot in rounds one and seven.

The top three British women- Helen Dodd (left), Ruth Burke (centre) and Marion Hartley (right).

Following her record tenth title, Ruth Burke said “I am delighted to have retained the Women’s Trophy and thoroughly enjoyed the minigolf over the two-day competition. Thanks to Hastings Adventure Golf for their commitment to hosting tournaments and for the professional and friendly welcome we always receive. 
It was great to see six women competing for the event. For those who have never played, the physical and mental demands of a long competition can be hard to appreciate. So congratulations to the newer players Trish and Helen, and to Chloe who is still a Junior and not only finished with a smile but put in some fantastic rounds. 
Finally, my fellow medal winners Helen and Marion, very well done for your performances and your excellent company throughout the weekend. The final result does not reflect the pressure you exerted, as there can be huge variation on the Pirate Course, with the possibility from any of us of anything from a 29 to a 40. The excellent spirit of the final round is what it is all about, and for me makes us all winners.”

As the eight and final round drew to close here are the final top 3 positions, Winners and prizes;

Seniors title:

1.    Dave Donnelly (Kent Minigolf club) £50 + Trophy

2.    Chris Smith (Midlands Minigolf club) £30

3.    Mark Wood (Cambridgeshire & Essex Minigolf club) £20

Women’s title:

1.    Ruth Burke (Midlands Minigolf club) £50 + Trophy

2.    Helen Dodd (Cambridgeshire & Essex Minigolf club) £30

3.    Marion Hartley (Planet Hastings Crazy Golf club) £20

Men’s Title:

1.    Michael Smith (Midlands Minigolf club) £50

2.    Chris Wood (Cambridgeshire & Essex Minigolf club) £30

3.    Will Donnelly (Midlands Minigolf club) £20

Overall title:

1.    Michael Smith (-78) £50 + Trophy

2.    Chris Wood (-48)

3.    Will Donnelly (-48)

James Rutherford (Cambridgeshire & Essex Minigolf club) won the aces prize with 52 holes in one across eight rounds.


Full results from the weekend can be found at


Following the weekend, BMGA Chairman Scott Lancley said “It was a great two-day event with lots of spirit and support for fellow competitors. Thanks as always must go to our hosts Hastings Adventure Golf for the superb condition of the course along with their superb hospitality throughout the weekend including keeping us all well fed and watered throughout. Congratulations to all the title winners and a big welcome to all the novices that participated over the weekend and expressed their enjoyment for the competition. I look forward to the next event at Hastings, the 2018 World Crazy Golf Championships. Look out for a special pro training day in the next few weeks where novices and competitors alike could gain some tips on lines and shots.”


The BMGA would like to thank Chris Richards, Simon Tompkins and all the team at Hastings Adventure Golf for their superb hospitality across the weekend. The course was in superb condition and you looked after everyone so well; the tournament would not have been possible without you. We would also like to thank BMGA founder, and 1998 British Champion, Peter Parr for coming along to do the presentations.


British Championships Roll of Honour:

1998 - Peter Parr
1999 - Jo Vallory
2000 - Tim Davies
2001 - John McIver
2002 - John McIver
2003 - John McIver
2004 - Michael King
2005 - Jon Angel
2006 - John Moore
2007 - Chris Harding
2008 - Tim Davies
2009 - Keith Kellard
2010 - Tim Davies
2011 - James Rutherford
2012 - Michael Smith
2013 - James Rutherford
2014 - Adam Kelly
2015 - Michael Smith
2016 - Adam Kelly
2017 - Adam Kelly
2018 - Michael Smith


British Championships Seniors Roll of Honour:

2005 - Tim Davies
2006 - Tim Davies
2007 - Bill Bullin
2008 - Tim Davies
2009 - Tim Davies
2010 - Tim Davies
2011 - Tony Kelly
2012 - John McIver
2013 - Sean Homer
2014 - Sean Homer
2015 - Chris Harding
2016 - Sean Homer
2017 - Andy Exall
2018 - Dave Donnelly


British Championships Womens Roll of Honour:

2003 - Ruth Burke
2004 - Jo Peedell 
2005 - Ruth Burke 
2006 - Ruth Burke
2007 - Ruth Burke
2008 - Ruth Burke
2009 - Jo Williamson
2012 - Ruth Burke
2013 - Emily Gottfried
2014 - Brenda Smith
2015 - Ruth Burke
2016 - Ruth Burke
2017 - Ruth Burke
2018 - Ruth Burke


The next event on the BMGA Tour is the 2018 World Crazy Golf Championships which takes place on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th June. More details, including how to enter, can be found at More details will be published on the BMGA website shortly including the pro training day.

The BMGA Executive Committee are always looking for feedback on how our competitions are run and how we can improve them in the future. Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have any suggestions.


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