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£4,500 prize fund up for grabs as the second BMGA Major of the year draws ever closer!

Hastings Adventure Golf and the British Minigolf Association are getting ready for all comers to the 2017 World Crazy Golf Championships taking place over the weekend of 10th and 11th June, attracting players from across the UK and Europe, all competing for the biggest prize fund ever in the competitions history. As well as the £1000 for the overall winner and an additional £2,000 prize fund for the top players overall, the 2017 event also has a purse of £1,500 exclusively for the novice players, with the best placed novice picking up £500 at the event. And if a novice wins the overall event, then they will also pick up the £1000 for the winner as well!! A perfect incentive for new players who want to take part in this fantastic competition. For the 2017 event, a ‘Novice’ player is classed as any plyer taking part in their first or second World Crazy Golf Championships. NB. International players who are currently or have previously been members of any recognised World Minigolf Sport federations are not classed as ‘novice’ players. Any player eligible for the novice category will be identified on the entry list with a (N).


Entries are now open for all players (scheduled to close in 1 week on Saturday 3rd June) and full details of the competition and how to enter can be found here


And if you are thinking about taking part but have yet to enter we thought it would be a good opportunity to talk to some of the players ahead of the registration deadline to give everyone a feel for what makes this event such a unique one on the BMGA tour. So here we go…


Jessica Pilgrim (Junior player who made her debut in 2015) – “Hello my name is Jessica Pilgrim and I love going to the world mini golf championships because I love golf, it's fun, I get to meet lots of interesting people there, some take it very seriously but others just have a laugh, it's a great location, I love going to have fish and chips at the seaside, and it's a really fun trip, I love the competition, and I love having the chance to win something, nobody else I know does this. I love playing with my dad especially when it's enjoyable Last year me and my dad made it to the final round of the novice competition. This was the crazy crazy round I was came just one place off winning £50 and my dad won £200! In my busy golfing calendar this is one of my favourite events of the year.”

David Hartley (debut 2012) - "I probably look at the WCGCs from a unique perspective, given that I've seen it from the other side of the counter as well. However, I think what makes the event stand out, is the atmosphere. It's a serious tournament that doesn't take itself too seriously. The fact that everyone plays with the same ball is a great leveller. The mystique of bags of balls with different balls for different holes & different conditions, is I think, a big put-off for newbies. It makes the game look daunting - and expensive! So all in all, this particular tournament is the ideal one to attract new blood to the game & I think the new prize fund for newbies is a great idea. Finally, the Crazy Crazy round, is also a great feature & distinguishes the competition from all others. Add that to the generous prize fund, then that's why I think the WCGCs are one of the highlights if not THE highlight of the season.”

Nuno Cunha (debut 2013) - "This year I will be playing my 5th WCGC. The rules used in this tournament (only one golf ball allowed across all tournament) makes it one of the most (if not the most) expected tournament of all season. Playing with only one ball across all weekend makes things more levelled, and the crazy rules used in the last round makes it even harder to take the trophy home. After a disappointing 2016 participation i am willing to improve by one place the result that I achieved in 2015 (was 2nd). Having in consideration that me and my wife are expecting a baby in late July, this is my last chance to win a big competition like the 'World Crazies' before I start my 'minigolf holidays'."

Ed Pope (debut 2015) - "Firstly it's all about the people. It's what makes not only this tournament, but the whole calendar of tournaments so much fun. I've never felt anything but positivity from anyone that I've come across and especially in the world crazies the broad range of new people I get to meet. But specifically the WCGC is a chance for you to have some fun but also have that opportunity to really compete and, especially with the novice category, win some serious amounts of money. It's a fantastic tournament, backed by some great people in Hastings, which I will be doing for years and years. On a personal note, the WCGC has given me some memories I will never forget, and stories that I can tell my children and hopefully grandchildren when I'm older. In 2016 I became the inaugural winner of the novice category at the WCGC. The trophy still sits pride of place on my bookcase at home. The feeling to win is undoubtedly one of the best I've ever experienced. That being said I would've still had so much enjoyment even if I'd finished last. I know the majority of people in this country have played Crazy Golf at some point, but for me to do it having met some great people, had loads of enjoyment, and won some money is just a fantastic thing to have to look back on in years to come.”

Steve Lovell (debut 2013) - "Simply put, this is the best weekend of the year and until you have played one World Crazy Golf Championship, you can never know how good it is to take part. On and off the course, so much is happening which will mean you go home with a lifetime of memories."

Marion Homer (debut 2006) – “I have always thought the WCGC’s represent the best of our sport. It's inclusive because of the one ball ruling, which means it's often the gateway tournament that gets players hooked! The number of novices the competition attracts brings a fresh perspective and often a lighter tone to proceedings, I love the fancy dress and unusual putters I've seen over the years! Despite this, it's still highly competitive and the prize money is very attractive! Hastings is the home of crazy golf, and the team at Hastings Adventure Golf go out if their way to ensure all competitors have a fantastic experience, as well as enlightening the public as to what all the players are up to! Good luck to all the competitors 

Andy Exall (debut 2005) - The WCGC's are my favourite tournament, it was also my very first minigolf competition in 2005 when Den entered all 5 of us brothers as part of his 50th birthday celebrations. I led the field after the very first round on the Crazy course and was hooked on minigolf from then on. (Of course a round later on the late lamented mini course showed I had a lot to learn). I'm sad that Pasi (Aho) can't make it, I'm still yet to pay him back for knocking my ball back to the tee in the Crazy Crazy round some years back so will miss another opportunity :) It's always a fun tournament but for me the pleasure has increased massively without the usual cold winds & rain of previous late October tournaments to worry about, yet since it moved in the calendar I don't think I've had any particularly great overall scores. Maybe this year? I'm still pleased to have the course record of 27 though, some including myself have got close to it recently so I expect more than a few sub 30 rounds again this year, especially if the weather is nice. Just no 26's! Looking forward to having a great fun competition at a great course, it's a real leveller with the one ball format & 2017 promises to be another classic!”

Adam Kelly (debut 2009) - "The World Crazies is both the tournament I look forward to the most and the least every year. The most because no other competition has quite the same atmosphere, and the least because the course frustrates me year after year. Unlike many of the more technical courses on the BMGA tour, when playing on the Arnold Palmer course at Hastings you are always at the mercy of the weather, and the course itself. It's true links minigolf. Everyone who has ever played in this tournament can relate to the feeling of giving it their all and getting nothing in return, everyone who has played in round 7 has a memory of when a certain gust of wind or bad bounce or unfortunate roll cost them X amount of pounds, and everyone who has spent hours practicing hole 16 only to get level 2s throughout the tournament understands the part of me which dreads the World Crazies. But it's the most exciting, nervy, intense, silly, unpredictable, atmospheric tournament we play each year. It's the highlight of the BMGA tour, and however much the World Crazies hates me I can't help but love the World Crazies. Every year, all but one competitor leave Hastings full of regret and frustration. In two weeks' time we find out who the lucky one is this time around."


Chris Harding (debut 2006) – “After some time off I am really looking forward to returning to what I consider to be the flagship event on the tour. From the fierce competition on the course to the comradery off it makes for a great weekend. Simon and everyone at the course enhance the overall feel good factor with hospitality second to none. Can't wait for things to get started!”

Sean Homer (debut 2005) - "The World Crazy Golf Championships is always a great way for players to experience the excitement and fun of a minigolf tournament. It was my first event way back in 2005 having come across the event by accident when playing an online Minigolf game at work (after all who can resist the lure of playing in a world championships) - and continues to be one of the highlights of the season. If you only play one event on our tour then this is the one to play - it's great fun and for the novice players a chance to get a few quid but wherever you finish it will be a weekend you will never forget!! As for the result, It’s always a tough one to call who will win and this year looks like it could be the closest event yet. The hospitality we receive (you have to try the fish and chips at the Beach Retreat when in Hastings) and welcome we all receive from the team at Hastings Adventure Golf makes this a tournament to remember for everyone who takes part and this year promises to be another cracking competition."


Top Row (L-R): Jessica, David, Nuno, Ed, Steve - Bottom Row (L-R): Marion, Andy, Adam, Chris, Sean

The event will tee off on the Saturday morning and each player will play 4 rounds on the Saturday and a further 2 rounds on the Sunday. There will then be a final round for the top 18 novices and top 18 overall using the legendary crazy crazy rules. Full details of this will be communicated on the competition weekend. As always, the entry fee includes free practice at the course on the Friday. The official players pack will be circulated to all players the week before the competition, detailing all relevant information along with day 1 groups and tee off times and the confirmed prize fund split.

The official ball for the competition (the only ball that any entrant can use for the competition) will be the same as used in the 2016 event - a WMF sanctioned golf ball, available to all entrants (theirs to keep!) as part of the competition entry. All players will receive a new event ball for the competition - these will be available at the tournament hut from Friday morning.

A list of entrants (and results when the tournament starts) can be found at the following link


The BMGA tour will return again to Hastings for the final Major of the year in July (over the weekend of 8th and 9th) as the Pirate Course hosts the 2017 British Open. Full details of the event and how to enter can be found here.














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