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The updated Strokeplay Order Of Merit has been released following the latest event of the 2017 BMGA tour, the British Masters.


1Michael SMITH9,055
2Adam KELLY8,275
3Steve LOVELL7,978
4Sean HOMER7,891
5Will DONNELLY7,631
6Nuno CUNHA7,447
7Mark WOOD7,336
8Tony KELLY7,271
9Chris SMITH7,006
10Martin GREENHEAD6,987
11Chris WOOD6,824
12John MCIVER6,788
13Derek BENTALL6,733
14Paul PRESTON6,723
15Dave DONNELLY6,631
16Andy WILDE6,454
17Scott LANCLEY6,373
18Adrian AMEY6,199
19Paul JOHNSON6,181
20Terry EXALL6,148
21Ruth BURKE6,026
22Seve KUKIELKA5,608
23Tiger PRAGNELL5,519
24David GOMM5,410
25Andy EXALL5,200
26David HARTLEY5,016
27John MOORE4,969
28Matt DODD4,953
29Ed HAYNES4,754
30James RUTHERFORD4,661
31Marion HOMER4,392
32Steve STURDY4,258
34Brenda SMITH3,604
35Ed POPE3,473
36Marion HARTLEY3,218
37Cindy KUKIELKA3,152
38Rocky BULLIN2,816
39Mark WATSON2,570
40Chris CLARK2,078
41John SHARPE1,800
42Keith KELLARD1,751
43Steve GOW1,668
44Freddie BLACKBURN-SHAW1,667
45Marc CHAPMAN1,635
46Rupert PILGRIM1,585
47Owen JOHNSON1,573
48Martin RELF1,488
49Emma ROGERS1,486
T50Ollie GREENHEAD1,469
T50Matt BRAY1,469
52Ollie PAXTON1,453
53Roger BLACKBURN1,419
T54Frank ELLIS1,386
T54Lee MURPHY1,386
56Julian TURNER1,320
57Andrew WARREN1,253
58Ginge FULLEN1,237
59Brian SMITH1,224
60Peter JONES1,220
61Jessica PILGRIM1,187
62Anthony TETLEY1,177
63Justin IRWIN1,170
64James PARKIN1,087
65Matty EXALL1,083
66Jake TETLEY1,060
67Seth THOMAS1,024
68Michael SALTER1,024
69Helen DODD992
70Alex HYMAN948
71Alicia PARRIS938
72Sophie NEWTON922
73Simon FARMER908
74Alan EVANS902
T75Stuart WEST888
T75Peter HOWARTH888
77Chris WARREN855
78David TAYLOR801
79Louise ELLIS755
80Charlie DART745
81Jack NIXON723
83Ben HOLROYD646
84Geoff FARMER641
85Duncan WEST639
86David WALKER635
87Keilan WEBSTER625
88Scott WALKER598
89James TRUBRIDGE407
90Russell CROCKER401
91Neil BROWN334
92Kathryn HAYNES250
93Henri MYERS242
94Quinn PRESTON220
95Andrew GOMM218
96Brian GOULD209
98Anthony CLARKSON150
T99Sam CHILDS100
T99Steve CHILDS100
T99Tina TETLEY100
T99Kerry WEST100
T99Toby AUSTIN100
T104Thomas WRIGHT50
T104Steve RAGLESS50
T104Martyn WILLIAMS50
T104Terry BURGIN50
T104Richard STONES50
T104Adam DUSTIN50
T104Anthony FRANCIS50
T104Marion BANKS50
T104Elsa COSTA50
T104Terri JACOBS50
T104Tiago COELHO50
T104James JOYCE50
T104Simon BROWN50
T104Craig BREEN50
T104Liz GOMM50
T104Carl DAVEY50
T104Wanda HOBBS50


This season sees the category splits continue with Category 1 (made up of the top 16 players along with any players winning BMGA tour events across the previous 5 seasons). Category 2 features players ranked 17 to 32 inclusive and Category 3 features all other players on the BMGA tour. Category 4 continues to only include players for their first 3 events on the tour (NB: this category will only relate to prize funds and the BMGA SHIELD). 


Following preliminary work carried out by the Rankings Sub-Committee during 2016, the Executive Committee have decided unanimously to update the Order of Merit from the start of the 2017 season.


The main change is the length of the ranking period which has been shortened from a two-year period to a rolling one year period (365 days).  The best five ranking points performances are still used to generate the Order of Merit.


What this means is we achieve consistency in the rankings which is something that we were never get able to achieve with fluctuations at the start of the season under the previous system.


Following the AGM, three other changes have been implemented.  One was the attraction of 100 rankings points to any previous BMGA tour winner in the previous five seasons outside of the current Top 16.  The first five events of the 2017 season will see the Top 16 players at the end of 2016 being the players who attract ranking points.  The final change was the removal of rounding up any decimal point, this will now be to the nearest whole number.


Any points due to expire in between tournaments which for example would happen for anyone who had taken part in the 2016 Midlands Open would not be applied to the Order of Merit until after the 2017 British Masters.  So after the 2017 British Masters, all tournaments from the 2016 British Masters onwards are within the one year rolling period and the best five scoring events will be taken to calculate the updated Order of Merit.


We will be looking to implement a minimum points scheme for one day and two day events for 2018 to ensure that all tour events are weighted equally.

The Executive Committee. 






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