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The following motions were tabled at the AGM on Saturday 4th March and the outcome for each, along with the total voting breakdown are included below (the proposer of the motion is listed in the brackets at the end of each motion). A full breakdown of discussion and other matters will be communicated in the full AGM notes pack that will be published  shortly




Motion 1) - All players who start the season in Category 1 are ineligible for the BMGA shield (Sean Homer)  MOTION CARRIED – 22-4-0 (For/Against/Abstain)

Motion 2) - All eligible players for the BMGA Shield prize remain in the category in which they started the season but their multiplier will change if they move in the OOM. For example, a player who starts the season in Category 2 remains eligible for the Category 2 prize if they move into Category 1 during the season but the Category 1 multiplier will apply to their points from then on (Scott Lancley) MOTION CARRIED – 25-0-2


Motion 3) - Change the category system for players as follows:  

  • Cat 1 players - positions 1-8 in the rankings

  • Cat 2 players – positions 9-24

  • Cat 3 players – positions 25 and below

  • Cat 4 (novice) - new players in their first or second event (Mark Wood) MOTION DEFEATED - 7-19-2

Motion 4) - all age categories at BMGA events mirror those in the WMF (Sean Homer) MOTION CARRIED - 26-1



Motion 5) - All category 1 players outside of the top 16 should bring 100 ranking points each to any event - these are players who have won events on the BMGA tour and this should be reflected in the ranking points available (Sean Homer) MOTION CARRIED 23-4-1


The following 4 motions have been raised by the Rankings Sub Committee full details of the motions and rationale can be found in the attached document entitled “RSC Report for 2017 BMGA AGM including motions”


Motion 6) - The following sentence should be added to the BMGA Competition Rules 5.1.2

“A player who does not complete the tournament (or does not complete all the qualifying rounds in a tournament where there is a cut) scores 0 points.”  MOTION DEFEATED - 13-13-2

Motion 7) - The following sentence should be added to the BMGA Competition Rules 5.1.3

“If a top 16 player does not complete the tournament, their points will still count towards the total number of ranking points available at a tournament.” MOTION CARRIED – 26-1-1


Motion 8) Change Rule 5.1.5 of the BMGA Competition Rules as follows:


All decimal points are rounded to the nearest number. So if a player scored 427.4 points in a tournament, it would be counted as 427 points.”  MOTION CARRIED 24-2-2

Motion 9) New Rule:


For the first five BMGA strokeplay ranking tournaments of the year, the rankings points available should be calculated on the end of the previous season’s Order of Merit.”  MOTION CARRIED 21-5-2



Motion 10) - Have junior, senior and women's prizes in every competition even if there's not 3 people it that category in the tournament (Owen Johnson)  MOTION DEFEATED 6-21-1

Motion 11) - To provide players with a WMF golf ball when the enter there first event (Owen Johnson) MOTION CARRIED 21-5-2

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