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After months of waiting, it is now less than a week to go before the British Open tees off on Saturday 17th September on the Pirate Course in Hastings. This pack contains the key information that you will need to make this weekend’s competition a tournament to remember. If you have any questions regarding the Open (or the info below) please do not hesitate to contact me, either via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or I will be at the course from Friday 16th in the run up to the competition and am more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.


Play will commence on Saturday 17th September at 10.00am (a rolling start with groups of two or three players, all starting at hole 1, going out at 4 minute intervals) with all players playing 5 rounds on Saturday. Once the tournament has started, there will be no practice permitted on the Pirate Course until the final group have finished their 5th round. Each player will have one practice shot at the start of each round.

The estimated finish time for the final group of the 5th round on Saturday is 5.30pm.

Sunday will consist of 4 further rounds for all players, with play starting at 9.00am after which the top 18 players qualify for a fifth and final round of the day (the Super Play off!) to decide the winner. The estimated finish time (including presentations) on Sunday is 5pm

Any play offs across the weekend will take place as sudden death from Hole 1.

The prize fund up for grabs over the weekend is as follows;

  • 1st place: £500, gold medal and the British Open trophy
  • 2nd place: £200 and silver medal
  • 3rd place: £100 and bronze medal

There will also be additional prizes as follows (NB: any players achieving the top 3 places overall in the Open and the prize money above will not be eligible for following cash prizes):
  • Category 2 Winner: £50 (this is open to any category 2 player – i.e. any player ranked between 17th & 32nd in the official BMGA order of merit)
  • Combined Category 3 / 4 Winner: £50 (this is open to any player – excluding international entrants - not ranked within the top 32 of the Order Of Merit)

There are also be a dedicated Novice trophy for the top placed Novice and also for the first time in British Open history, a dedicated trophy for the top overseas player.

The tournament is being run with a rolling start (led out on round 1 by the defending champion, Adam Kelly from Great Britain) enabling players to watch other players throughout the day (there will always be people out on the course!) and offers a unique insight into the challenges that the course provides.

Players remain in their groups throughout the 5 rounds on Saturday (alternating the playing order) and the tee off times for round 1 are listed below, along with the groups for the day (Please note the groups are subject to change if there are any late entrants or withdrawals but should they change the timings will be similar).

Tee off


Player 1

Player 2

Player 3



Adam Kelly

Terry Exall

Lutz Brune (O)



Michael Smith

Daniel Vlcek (O)

Marcus Ehrlich (O)



Nuno Cunha

Adrian Amey

Mark Watson (N)



Karsten Hein

Andy Wilde

Jorg Mielenz (O)



Freddie Blackburn-Shaw

Paul Johnson

Marion Homer



Sean Homer

Owen Johnson (J)




Will Donnelly (J)

Václav Švarc (O)

Markus Hofbauer (O)



Tony Kelly

Dave Gomm

Carmen Hofbauer (O)



John McIver

Rainer Henseler (O)

Vojtech Mikšovský (OJ)



Steve Lovell

Tiger Pragnell

Norbert Rehfeld (O)



Mark Wood

John Moore

Norbert Eilert (O)



Dave Donnelly

Steve Sturdy

Alan Evans (N)



Chris Smith

James Rutherford

Alex Ulurenshaw (N)



Paul Preston

Derek Bentall

Ben Holroyd (N)



Martin Greenhead

Ruth Burke

David Walker (N)



Scott Lancley

Seve Kukielka

Anthony Clarkson (NJ)



Chris Wood

Ed Haynes

Cindy Kukielka



Jan Hedstrom (O)

Matt Dodd

Michael Salter (N)

N - Novice player / J - Junior / O - Overseas player

Results from the British Open, will be live on the World Wide Web from Saturday morning at

Players must ensure that they report to the Officials Hut at the course no later than 15 minutes before their scheduled tee-off time.

Each subsequent round will tee off approx 30 minutes after the end of your previous round (please note these timings are approx). The plan is that you will tee-off your next round 75-90 minutes after your previous round tee off time i.e. Group 1 will tee-off round 1 at 10.00am, Round 2 at 11.15am, Round 3 at 12.30am, Round 4 at 2pm (giving a slightly longer break between rounds 3 & 4) and their final round on Saturday at 3.15pm.

We are expecting the final group to finish their final round of the day around 5.30pm.

The groups will be reordered on Sunday to reflect leaderboard order, with the leaders going out in the final group for round 6 onwards.


Only WMF approved minigolf balls are allowed for this tournament - therefore the only golf ball allowed will be WMF branded balls (these will again be on sale on Friday at the Players Championship). No course balls are allowed.


The Tee off areas for the competition will be in place on Friday morning (official practice day) and will be the usual tee off areas from previous tournaments on the Pirate course (see below). The chalk lines are approx. 6 inches from the edge of the rubber mat, players can tee off anywhere within the chalked area:


Sean Homer is the Tournament Director for the weekend. Mark Wood, Scott Lancley, Martin Greenhead, Tony Kelly and Paul Preston will be the referees for the competition.


A warm welcome to all players for the 2016 event. As ever we at Hastings Adventure Golf are extremely excited and proud to be holding the British Open again.

The course will be open on Friday 16th until 10pm weather permitting and the same again on the Saturday 17th after the first days play.

The tournament office will be adjacent to the main course kiosk, the same location as last year, and all player questions, feedback and scorecards, etc will be managed through this addition to the courses for the event.

All British Open Players will be offered a 35% discount at the new Fish and Chips shop and a 50% discount at our other catering outlets from Friday 16th through to both tournament days. We do ask players to make the staff aware that they are playing in the tournament prior to ordering. All BMGA tour pros will need to show their valid tour card before ordering. All other players will be presented with a specially marked BMGA business card from the tournament organisers to ensure they also receive the relevant discount. The Beach Retreat Cafe offers panini's, hot dogs, toasted sandwiches, cold snacks (even Salads for the athletes out there) as well as the usual hot and cold drinks. The Kiosk behind the golf will offer Hot and Cold drinks and will be stock piling Hot Doughnuts for those that enjoy a stable diet.

Toilets, there are two options. The public toilets are situated at the far end of the crazy golf course or we have our own toilets in The Beach Retreat Cafe which can be located at the far end of the Adventure course.

That's it from us and we are looking forward to another successful championship.


Best of Luck to All!

All the team at Hastings Adventure Golf




  • Monday 12th – 9.00am til late (please note the course will be closed from 11am to 12.45pm for a photo shoot)
  • Tuesday 13th – 9.00am til late
  • Wednesday 14th – 9.00am til late
  • Thursday 15th - 9am til late
  • Friday 16th – 9.00am til late
  • Friday 16th – 2pm onwards – Players Championships (NB players not involved in the Players Championships can still practice on the course)
  • Saturday 17th – 8.00am open (practice allowed up to 9.45am)
  • Saturday 17th - 10.00am onwards – British Open day 1
  • Sunday 18th - 8.00am open (practice allowed up to 8.45am)
  • Sunday 18th – 9.00am onwards – British Open day 2

The course is offering an all day practice rate of £9 a day for all British Open competitors (payable directly to the course - Practice on Friday is free for all participants). Players need to ensure that they do not hold up any of the public when practicing (the course will be closed to the public for the weekend but will be open to the public in the week building up to the competition).


The traditional curtain raiser for the British Open, Friday 16th September will see the Players Championships and International Players Championships take place. Players pay £5 to enter (payable on the day) and half the money goes to the winner, the other half goes to a charity of the winners choosing. The format is a mixture of strokeplay and matchplay, played out over a maximum of 3 rounds and is a great warm up for the Open.

There is no need to pre-enter this event but anyone wishing to play must register with the organisers on the day by 1.40pm at the latest.

The competition will tee off at 2pm.

Players Championships Format:

* Round 1 Strokeplay all players
* Round 2 Matchplay (top 8 players from round 1)
* Round 3 Strokeplay (4 winning players from round 2)

Prize fund:

* 50% of Entry fees to winner
* 50% of Entry fees to charity of winners choice

International Players Championships Format:

* Round 1 Strokeplay all players
* Round 2 Strokeplay (top 2 players from round 1)

Prize fund:

* 50% of International Entry fees to winner
* 50% of International Entry fees to charity of Players Championships winners choice

f you have any questions regarding the British Open please do not hesitate to contact me and I look forward to seeing you at Hastings!

Kind regards,


Sean Homer

BMGA Chairman

BMGA website:








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