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2016 British Matchplay Championship Semi final draw confirmed PDF Print E-mail

Four players from three clubs face each other in the semi final matches

The draw for the 2016 British Matchplay Championship semi finals took place on Sunday 4th September
as follows:

1)  Nuno Cunha (VMGC) vs Tony Kelly (KMGC)


2) Adam Kelly (KMGC) vs Will Donnelly (MMGC)



Players will be able to decide between them where and when the tie is to be played (this can be at any course)


There are cut off dates for matches in each round to be played (see below) and if players have not played the match by the deadline then the tie will go to a 'pools panel' who will look at how many official BMGA events each player has attended in the timeframe. If one player has attended more then they will be awarded the tie.

The primary reason for this rule is quite simply to ensure that the matches are played out to a conclusion

The deadlines for matches are as follows:
* Semi Finals - by end of day 17th September

The final and third place play off will be contested over the weekend of the British Open.

Each match will be contested over 18 holes (or more if the match is tied at this point). Players will toss a coin to decide who goes first at the first hole. Players will then alternate teeing off (one player will always tee off first on odd numbers, the other on evens). Each player plays out the hole to completion before the second player tees off (one ball in play). If a match is tied after 18 holes then the match reverts to sudden death from hole 1 (players again toss a coin to decide who plays first at the first sudden death hole). Players continue to alternate tee off until the match is decided.

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