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The only way is Essex as the British Doubles Championship returns to the tour PDF Print E-mail

Essex will be hosting a double header event in July with the Cambridgeshire & Essex Open taking place on Saturday 16 followed on Sunday 17 by the eagerly awaited return of the British Doubles Championship to the BMGA tour, being played out at Dunton Hills, the first time the course has hosted this event. 

The competition will see 16 pairs taking part for the title. 


The format for the event will see the 16 pairs drawn (at random) into 4 groups of 4 teams. The draw for the groups will take place at Dunton Hills on Saturday 16 July following the prize presentation ceremony for the Cambridgeshire & Essex Open which takes place the day before the doubles competition.


The tournament will tee off from 9.30am with practice ending at 9.15am. The expected finish time is 5pm.


The group stages will see round robin matches taking place over 12 holes – the 12 holes selected are as follows:


  • 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,10,13,16,17,18


Players in their pairs will take alternate shots on each lane. They will also tee off on alternate lanes - i.e if player 1 in the pair tees off on the first lane of their match, player 2 will tee off on the second lane, player 1 on the third lane (and so on). Both pairs will also alternate who tees off first at each lane . i.e. Pair 1 tee off at first lane, pair 2 at the second lane, pair 1 at the third (and so on).

Each match will see 3 points awarded for a win, 1 point for a draw, with stroke difference being applied for each match. For example If a team win 3&1 or 3&2 they will receive a SD of +3 with the losing team receiving a SD of -3. In the event of tied points the team with the best SD will be rated higher. If teams are tied in points and SD then the head to head result will decide who is rated higher. If the head to head is also a tie then a sudden death play off will take place to separate the teams.


The top 2 pairs from each group will progress thru to the quarter final (knockout) stages of the event competing for places 1-8, with the bottom 2 pairs playing for places 9-16.


The pairs who finish in first place of their group will play one of the pairs in second place (excluding any pair from the same group). The same criteria will be applied to the teams finishing in third and fourth place in their groups. The knockout ties will be drawn at random following the conclusion of the group stage.


All knockout matches will be 18 hole ties – decided by sudden death shootout if the match is tied after 18 lanes.


Entry to the competition is £10 per player, payable at the event or in advance via Paypal at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


The course is offering a day practice rate of £5 for all players on production of a valid 2016 Tour Pro Card.

PLEASE NOTE: All bunkers on the course will be classed as Hazards for both the CEMGC Open and the British Doubles Championship. Any ball that comes to rest in a bunker will be deemed to be in the hazard and the shot will then be retaken from the original point - all shots count, no additional penalty given. E.G if the ball comes to rest in a bunker from the tee off shot, the player (or pair) will tee off again. If the ball is played into a bunker from elsewhere on the lane, the shot is replayed from the previous position.




1) Mark Wood / Chris Wood - NATURAL EAGLES

2) Adrian Amey / James Rutherford - SMOOOTH ROCKET

3) Scott Lancley / Ed Haynes - THANET VIKINGS

4) Marion Homer / Sean Homer - CASUAL FORCE

5) Dave Gomm / John McIver - THE 3 P'S

6) Marion Hartley / David Hartley - THE BALLET DANCERS

7) Owen Johnson / Paul Johnson - tbc

8) Ruth Burke / Steve Sturdy - GEMINIGOLF

9) Paul Preston / Andy Wilde - THE 52 CLUB

10) Steve Lovell / Nuno Cunha - VESPAS

11) Charlie Hillman / Chris Hillman - tbc

12) Chris Smith / Dave Donnelly - tbc 

13) Michael Smith / Rocky Bullin - tbc

14) Liam Atkins / Jack Nixon - ATKINS & NIXON

15) Helen Dodd / Matt Dodd - tbc

16) Adam Dustin / Scott Walker - TEAM SCUSTY: THE BEE AND THE ZEEB



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