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The eagerly awaited draw will see the first round of matches confirmed.

The British Matchplay Championship has been dominated by two men in the past 5 years. Michael Smith has won twice (2012 & 2013) with Sean Homer taking the title three times (2010, 2011 & 2014) and so for 2015 the tournament is reverting back to it's original knockout format, mirroring the FA Cup with no seeding, no group stages and random draws to add extra spice to the championship.

Sean Homer, the now 3 time British Matchplay Champion with the trophy, at Bluewater Park, Kent

The tournament will run all season long and will see 5 rounds of matches taking place to decide the champion - the round of 32, Round of 16, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals culminating with the Final (and third place play off) at the World Crazy Golf Championship weekend.

The draw for the opening round will be taking place on Sunday 29th March from midday and will be a random draw - always guaranteed to throw up some epic clashes as the tournament gets under way! The draw will see the newly appointed Executive Committee member Mark Wood drawing player one for each tie and his son Chris, drawing player two. The draw will be overseen by the reigning and three time champion Sean Homer.

The draw will be live blogged on the BMGA Facebook account ( and, technology permitting, will also be live streamed via Ustream (a link for this will be published on the facebook page prior to the draw starting on Sunday morning). A breakdown of the full draw will be posted on the BMGA Website later on Sunday afternoon.

Once the draw is made then the competition is live and matches can be played out from Sunday afternoon onwards. The players will be able to decide between them where and when the tie is to be played (this can be at any 18 hole course) and players are encouraged to take photos and video footage where possible to highlight their own matches (along with announcing the date and venue of the tie in advance to give spectators the chance to attend!).

There are cut off dates for matches in each round to be played (see below) and if players have not played the match by the deadline then the tie will go to a 'pools panel' who will look at how many official BMGA events each player has attended in the timeframe. If one player has attended more then they will be awarded the tie. If however this is not decisive then both players will be disqualified from the championship and one of the losers from a completed match will progress to the next round in their place!

The primary reason for this rule is quite simply to ensure that the matches are played out to a conclusion and players are to bear this in mind before putting their names into the first round draw.

The deadlines for matches are as follows:

* Round 1 - by end of day 17th May.
* Round 2 - by end of day 25th July
* Quarter finals - by end of day 20th September
* Semi Finals - by end of day 22nd October

As stated, the final and third place play off will be contested over the weekend of the World Crazy Golf Championship.

Each match will be contested over 18 holes (or more if the match is tied at this point). Players will toss a coin to decide who goes first at the first hole. Players will then alternate teeing off (one player will always tee off first on odd numbers, the other on evens). Each player plays out the hole to completion before the second player tees off (one ball in play). If a match is tied after 18 holes then the match reverts to sudden death from hole 1 (players again toss a coin to decide who plays first at the first sudden death hole). Players continue to alternate tee off until the match is decided.

After the match has been conmpleted, the result (and any photos, etc) need to be emailed to
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Results from each match will then be published on the BMGA website.

Each subsequent round will see a live blogged draw to confirm the next wave of fixtures.

Confirmed entrants for the 2015 Championship:

1) Sean Homer (KMGC)
2) Adrian Amey (CEMGC)
3) Nuno Cunha (Vizelgolf)
4) Dave Donnelly (KMGC)
5) Will Donnelly (MMGC)
6) Marion Homer (KMGC)
7) Adam Kelly (KMGC)
8) Steve Lovell (SWMGC)
9) Freddie Blackburn Shaw (PHCGC)
10) Alastair Shaw (PHCGC)
11) Derek Bentall (SWMGC)
12) Tony Kelly (KMGC)
13) Martin Greenhead (KMGC)
14) Owen Johnson (MMGC)
15) Paul Johnson (MMGC)
16) Mark Wood (CEMGC)
17) Michael Smith (MMGC)
18) Chris Smith (MMGC)
19) Andy Wilde (SPMGC)
20) John McIver (PHCGC)
21) Matt Dodd (KMGC)
22) Helen Dodd (KMGC)
23) Paul Preston (SWMGC)
24) Dave Gomm (PHCGC)
25) Tiger Pragnell (MMGC)
26) Scott Lancley (KMGC)
27) Chris Harding (MMGC)
28) Max Plaice (MMGC)
29) Marc Chapman (KMGC)
30) Seth Thomas (MMGC)
31) Chris Wood (CEMGC)
32) James Rutherford (CEMGC)

British Matchplay Championship hall of fame:

2014 - Sean Homer
2013 - Michael Smith
2012 - Michael Smith
2011 - Sean Homer
2010 - Sean Homer
2009 - Andy Exall
2008 - Tim Davies
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