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All 2015 BMGA Tour Pros were eligible to vote on the motions detailed below, either in person at the AGM on February 28th or via proxy vote. Once all the votes were cast and counted, the majority decision was passed (in the event of a tied vote, the motion was rejected). The details of the voting along with the outcome for each motion are listed below.

A full breakdown of who voted in each motion can be found in the AGM voting spreadsheet and additional salient points and discussion from the AGM can be found in the AGM notes attached to this website article.

NB: For the motion outcomes "Y" represents the votes for yes, "N" for no and "A" for abstained votes


     ·MOTION 30: The new BMGA Executive Committee, however assembled, to have the authority to manage and make the appropriate decisions relating to: Tour Calendar, Tournament formats, Player Code of Conduct, GB Team Selection, Rankings and any other decision made in the best interest of the BMGA and its members without the need to vote on every decision at an AGM - MOTION CARRIED Y22: N8: A1

·MOTION 1: Introduce a new revised Order Of Merit for the 2015 Season - MOTION CARRIED Y20: N7: A4

·MOTION 2: The top 16 players in rankings, plus any BMGA strokeplay tournament winner over the last 5 seasons (ie. the current season and 4 previous years) - MOTION CARRIED Y26: N5

·MOTION 3: Abolish the Season Only Rankings - MOTION DENIED Y9: N21: A1

·MOTION 4: The agreed Order of Merit rankings system must be adhered to at all times - MOTION CARRIED Y29: N2

·MOTION 5: Reduce category 4 to players in their first three strokeplay events (same as novice category previously) - MOTION CARRIED Y28: N2: A1

·MOTION 6: A new rule for all BMGA tournament on all lanes which feature a pipe: if the ball goes into the pipe, it counts as being holed - MOTION DENIED Y2: N27: A2

·MOTION 7: All tournament rules and formats to be published when the entry forms are released – no last minute surprises - MOTION CARRIED Y29: N2 

·MOTION 8: The BMGA should introduce a zero tolerance disciplinary policy so that players who break the BMGA event rules are punished - MOTION CARRIED Y15: N14: A2 

·MOTION 9: As the BMGA was formed 17 years ago in 1998, it is imperative that both its Constitution Rules and Playing Rules are now clearly stated and located on the BMGA website - MOTION CARRIED Y29: N1: A1

·MOTION 10: All BMGA Competitions’ play-offs to be on a “sudden–death” basis commencing at Hole 1 - MOTION CARRIED Y21: N10

·MOTION 11: All BMGA Competitions to be on a “one ball in play” basis (excluding the final round of the WCGC) - MOTION CARRIED Y17: N13: A1

·MOTION 12: In all BMGA Competitions only the “present” participants, designated / authorised coaches, referees and scorers to be on the course - MOTION CARRIED Y27: N3: A1

·MOTION 13: Abolish the golf ball for the World Crazy Golf Championship - MOTION DENIED Y8: N21: A2

·MOTION 14: A 3 question feedback survey should be emailed to every entrant after a BMGA tournament: question 1: rate the course out of 10; question 2: what did you like about the tournament? Question 3: What did you not like about the tournament? - MOTION CARRIED Y25: N4: A2

·MOTION 15: All players in the top 6 at every BMGA strokeplay event should win a cash prize. (Albeit that at tournaments with smaller fields this is likely to be £5, £10, £15 for positions 6th, 5th and 4th respectively - MOTION DENIED Y10: N18: A3

·MOTION 16: Cap the category money prizes at events to a maximum of a category winner & aces champion per category - MOTION DENIED Y12: N15: A4

·MOTION 17: No outdoor events should be held in November, December, January or February - MOTION DENIED Y11: N18: A2

·MOTION 18: Create a Club Championship policy so that everybody knows what the format will be in advance - MOTION CARRIED Y26: N4: A1

·MOTION 19: Nominated refs at each minigolf event - MOTION CARRIED Y26: N3: A2

·MOTION 20: There should be a £50 prize for top Cat 2 & 3 players placed outside the top 5/7 at the World Crazy Golf Championship - MOTION CARRIED Y26: N5

·MOTION 21: Ensure that anybody who wants to play for Great Britain in Europe is allowed to play – subject to them being ranked in the top 50 of the Order of Merit, self funded, and spaces being available - MOTION CARRIED Y18: N8: A5

·MOTION 22: Abolish the proposed policy for selecting international teams as stated in the press release of 10th February. Instead, return to the existing selection policy whereby the top 5 ranked players in order who are available are automatically included - MOTION DENIED Y9: N20: A2

·MOTION 23: A BMGA feedback survey must be sent out to all BMGA tour pros at the end of each year, with full results being released - MOTION CARRIED Y28: N2: A1

·MOTION 24: All tournament rules/rankings/selection criteria can only be changed by a proposed motion at the AGM, which is then voted on, and if the motion is carried, then the rule change is implemented - MOTION FALLS DUE TO MOTION 30 BEING CARRIED

·MOTION 25: All information should be sent to all members at the same time - MOTION CARRIED Y29: N1: A1

·MOTION 26: End the manipulation of proxy votes by treating all motions the same - MOTION DENIED Y11: N17: A3

·MOTION 27: The Annual Accounts together with the Finance Report should be distributed to BMGA members as part of the AGM Information Pack prior to the AGM - MOTION CARRIED Y27: N4

·MOTION 28: The BMGA should return to sending out email newsletters - MOTION DENIED Y2: N29

·MOTION 29: Defeated Motions at the AGM cannot be proposed again in the following year - MOTION CARRIED Y22: N8: A1

Download this file (2015 BMGA AGM notes.doc)2015 BMGA AGM notes[Notes from the 2015 AGM held in Hastings on 28/02/15][20150315]861 Kb
Download this file (AGM motion voting breakdown.xls)AGM motion voting breakdown[Details of the Proxy and AGM votes for the 30 tabled motions][20150315]39 Kb
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