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All 2014 BMGA Tour Pros were eligible to vote on the motions detailed below, either in person at the AGM on March 1 or via proxy vote. Once all the votes were cast and counted, the majority decision was passed (in the event of a tied vote, the motion was rejected). The details of the voting along with the outcome for each motion are listed below (a full breakdown of who voted in each motion along with additional salient points will be circulated with the AGM notes when published on the website later this month)


MOTION 1) introduction of a new category – Cat 4 – for players in their debut season on the tour, with ring fenced prize money / medals in line with the existing Cat 2 & 3 players


  • YES - 25
  • NO - 0

MOTION CARRIED - there were additional motions tabled following this vote regarding the new category. Firstly a motion was raised that anyone playing their first event at the World Crazy Golf Championship or later in the season would retain their category 4 status into the following tour year (otherwise category 4 status will run for the calendar year), This was passed 10 votes to 2. (NB the data from the 2013 season will be reviewed and all players that meet that criteria from the 2013 season will start 2014 as Category 4). A second motion was raised regarding any Category 4 player who wins Category 4 prize money twice in their debut season will then move into Category 3. This was also passed (11 votes to 1). 


MOTION 2) Change criteria for players classified as Category 1 and Category 2


  • YES - 11
  • NO - 12



MOTION 3) Revise the Season Only Rankings


  • A to scrap the SOR - 9
  • B to use revised system - 13 
  • C to use Order Of Merit system - 2

MOTION CARRIED OPTION B (revised system)


MOTION 4) Ring fence 5% of entry fees from BMGA strokeplay events across the year to build a prize fund for the SOR


  • YES - 17
  • NO - 7




MOTION 5) Revise the order of merit to ensure a wider spread of ranking points throughout the field at any event


  • YES - 24
  • NO - 0

MOTION CARRIED - the Order Of Merit rankings for 2014 (featuring the Star City Open results) will be re-calculated using the new system and published on the website later this week


MOTION 6) Remove the Players Championship from the Order of Merit rankings


  • YES - 17
  • NO - 8



MOTION 7) Remove the World Crazy Golf Championship from the Order of Merit rankings


  • YES - 4
  • NO - 20



MOTION 8) Remove wildcards from GB national team selection


  • YES - 5
  • NO - 19
  • ABSTAIN - 3

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