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New competition ball to be introduced at the 2013 event

The World Crazy Golf Championship has been a single ball competition since the very first event held on the Arnold Palmer crazy golf course at Hastings in 2003. Over the years the competition has used a number of different style course balls and in 2011 the newest style ball was introduced for the first time in the event. Although the competition continued to be a great success, it was recognised that these course balls were quite inconsistent in terms of bounce and weight, resulting in a mixed reaction from the players taking part.

The essence of the event has always been to provide a fair and level playing field for all taking part. The World Crazy Golf Championship continues to attract the most diverse range of players on the BMGA tour from experienced tour pros and International players from overseas, to a high number of novice and first time entrants making their tournament debuts.

With this in mind, 2013 will see the introduction of a brand new competition ball for the event, produced specifically for the tournament. 

The official ball of the 2013 World Crazy Golf Championship     WCGC 2013

Every player in the 2013 event will receive one of these balls (free as part of the entry fee and theirs to keep after the competition) with all the balls being identical (with matching properties i.e. weight and bounce) - and these balls, branded WCGC 2013, will be the only ones allowed to be used throughout the competition. Balls will be available at the course from Friday 25 October - the official practice day before the main event - with players having to sign for receipt of their tournament ball (please note@ any player that loses their ball will be able to get a replacement but these will be at a charge of £5 per ball).

The balls are essentially a standard dimpled golf ball, branded with the BMGA logo and players who wish to practice at the course in advance of the 25th October will find that most golf balls will be a good match for the properties of the official ball.

For the top 18 players who qualify for the final Crazy Crazy rules to decide the champion and the other prize winners, there will be 3 colours of the official ball available - red , white and blue - one for each player in each group.

Crazy Crazy balls

The players will draw their ball colour at random before teeing off for their final round. Again all the balls have matching properties ensuring a level playing field throughout the entire competition for 2013.

Sean Homer, BMGA Chairman and tournament organiser said "I am delighted that the event is moving back to a genuine one-ball competition, in keeping with the true origins of this unique tournament. With everyone using identical balls it helps narrow the gap between the players and really gives anyone a shot at picking up the title if they can master using the new ball. There are always a number of factors that influence the outcome of the World Crazy Golf Championship. The legendary Hastings October weather can provide a challenge or two, giving us rain, wind and sunshine - with sometimes all three at once - as the weekend progresses and how players handle the pressure as the competition hots up is always a test. But at least this year the players can rely on the consistency and reliability of the tournament balls and as a result I am sure that the 2013 competition will be one of our closest and most exciting events to date".

Further details regarding the 2013 World Crazy Golf Championship will be circulated to all confirmed players the weekend before the event - this players pack will include round 1 tee-off times and groupings (the first group will be teeing off on the Saturday from 8.30am) along with all the essential information to ensure all players have everything they need to make the weekend a success.

The event page for the WCGC can be found at and if you have any questions regarding the event then please contact Sean at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
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