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Who's who in the Great Britain team from the 2013 World Championships in Germany.

Name: Sean 'Freebird' Homer (Team Manager)
Sean Homer
Age: 46
Club: Kent Minigolf Club
Current GBR Ranking: 3rd
International Caps: 8
Felt PB: 34 (2013 World Championships - Bad Münder, Germany)
Eternite PB: 25 (2011 World Championships - Stockholm, Sweden)

Sean: "I honestly haven’t been this excited about a trip overseas for minigolf before – what a cracking line-up we have in the Great Britain team this year. Not only are all our players top minigolfers, all with international experience, but perhaps more importantly they are a great bunch of people! I am sure that all of us will do the country proud as we take on the finest players from across the globe at the World Championships.

Name: James 'The Rocket' Rutherford (Team Captain)
James Rutherford
Age: 25
Club: Cambridgeshire Minigolf Club
Current GBR Ranking: 4th
International Caps: 6
Felt PB: 26 (2013 World Championships - Bad Münder, Germany)
Eternite PB: 20* (2013 EB Marathon - MunktellArenan, Sweden)
                                                             *GBR record

James: "It is a real honour to be captaining the Great Britain team at the World Championships this year. I think we have a fantastic group of players going and it promises to be a great tournament. This is a wonderful opportunity to put in our best team performance ever and I hope that I along with my team mates can play to the best of my abilities and make some real headway for Great Britain on the international stage." 

Name: Michael 'Hole In One Kenobi' Smith
Michael Smith
Age: 28
Kent Minigolf Club
Current GBR Ranking: 1st
International Caps:
Felt PB: 28 (2013 World Championships - Bad Münder, Germany)
Eternite PB: 21 (2013 World Championships - Bad Münder, Germany)

Michael: "I cannot wait to arrive in Germany and be part of the Great British team competing at the World Minigolf Championship. Not only have we got a very strong team on paper, we also have an excellent Head Coach from Britain and have received help from other nations, so we should be better prepared than many recent Great Britain teams at these championships. Setting targets is always dangerous but I know that all eight of us will be giving it 100% and I look forward to seeing how we do in the tournament. It is always an honour to represent to Great Britain and I am so excited about being part of this team."

Name: Adam 'AK47' Kelly
Adam Kelly
Kent Minigolf Club
Current GBR Ranking: 2nd

International Caps: 3

Felt PB: 26* (2013 World Championships - Bad Münder, Germany)
Eternite PB: 20* (2012 World Championships - Porto, Portugal)
                                                                  *GBR record

Name: Tony 'TK Max' Kelly
Tony Kelly
Kent Minigolf Club
Current GBR Ranking: 5th
International Caps: 5

Felt PB: 35 (2013 World Championships - Bad Münder, Germany)
Eternite PB: 24 (2011 Nations Cup - Stockholm, Sweden)
Tony: "'I am delighted to be representing Great Britain once again in what is probably the strongest ever line-up of British minigolfing talent to take part in international competition. I thoroughly enjoyed my previous international appearances in Stockholm and Porto and learned a lot from the experience of testing my game against the best players in the world. Playing on Swedish felt will provide a new challenge but one that I am looking forward to. I am particularly pleased to be playing alongside Adam and there is sure to be some healthy father-and-son rivalry to see who can finish higher in the World Championships,"

Name: Scott 'Donkey Gringo' Lancley
Scott Lancley
Age: 38
Kent Minigolf Club
Current GBR Ranking: 12th
International Caps: 4

Felt PB: 38 (2013 World Championships - Bad Münder, Germany)
Eternite PB: 23 (2013 World Championships - Bad Münder, Germany)

Name: Seth 'Clockwork Orange' Thomas
Seth Thomas
Cambridgeshire Minigolf Club
Current GBR Ranking:
International Caps: 2

Felt PB: 35 (2013 World Championships - Bad Münder, Germany)
Eternite PB: 26 (2012 World Championships - Porto, Portugal)

Seth: ''I'm delighted to be selected as a wildcard for the Great Britain minigolf team once again. Especially after all the nonsense and buffoonery that summed up my trip to the European Championships in Portugal last time. Hopefully this year I'm more  Goran Ivaniscevic than Alex Bogdanovic. Provided that I don't hurt my back or smash my toe into a wall or get burgled as before, then the trip will have been an unqualified success for me. Although I'm one of the weaker members of the team, I am sure with the rest of the team's help and influence I can put on a  more respectable performance than I managed in Porto. No thrown club this time at least! Jetzt Kommt Britain!''

Name: Keith 'Doc' Kellard (Head Coach)
Keith Kellard
Age: 42

Cambridgeshire Minigolf Club
Current GBR Ranking:
International Caps (player):
International Caps (coach): 2 

Keith: "I'm really looking forward to getting involved with the GB Minigolf team again, having not played in the team since 2009, or been coach since 2011. I think we have a great group of players this year, certainly one of, if not the, strongest team that we have ever taken to an international tournament. Whilst we don't have any expectations of us toppling the 'bigger' minigolf nations, I truly think we'll cause some major upsets, and show just how far British minigolf has developed in the last few years. Both the felt and miniaturegolf courses will prove a challenge, but we have prepared well, and I, like the rest of the team, can't wait to get to Germany."
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