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The official Matchplay rankings are made up from the results from the previous two seasons of the British Matchplay and British Doubles Championships along with the results from the current season.

The 2012 British Matchplay Championship took place at Lost Island Encounter, Sidcup on 22nd July. The 2012 British Doubles Championship will be taking place at the Four Ashes Golf Centre, Dorridge on 9th September.

1Sean HOMER3,340
2Michael SMITH2,835
3Brad SHEPHERD2,725
4Marc CHAPMAN2,600
5Tony KELLY2,340
6Adam KELLY2,090
7John MCIVER2,020
8Paul JOHNSON1,925
9Marion HOMER1,890
10Scott LANCLEY1,745
11Chris JONES1,610
12Andy EXALL1,600
13Nick SANDQVIST1,525
14Seth THOMAS1,500
15Christopher SMITH1,475
16Richard GOTTFRIED1,370
17James RUTHERFORD1,325
18William DONNELLY1,300
19Oliver FLORENCE1,300
20David DONNELLY1,225
21Alan NORMAN1,145
22Chris HARDING1,125
23Alex PRAGNELL1,020
24Leo KUKIELKA1,020
25Richard SKEGGS965
26Owen JOHNSON905
27Gareth HOLMES725
28Kevin MOSELEY705
29Peter EMMERSON650
30Trevor EXALL600
31Terry EXALL575
32Nick CHITTY555
33Alastair SHAW550
35Brenda SMITH450
36Anthony POPE450
37Cindy KUKIELKA420
38Matthew HARDING410
39Emily GOTTFRIED380
41David PRAGNELL350
42Ruth BURKE300
43Marc BAZELEY250
44Martin ROBERTSON225
45James TRUBRIDGE180
46Trevor ROBERTSON175
47Steve GOW160
48Aaron JENKINS140
49Andrew BIGGAR140
51Marina BREEDEN130
52Adam BREEDEN130
53Stuart LOVEJOY125
54Seve KUKIELKA120
55Richard AIREY110
56Steve STURDY100
57Jamie GRUNDY100
58Annie PETHERICK100

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