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“Is Mini Golf a Sport or Not?” That was the question asked on this week’s ‘Sport or Not’ section on the “World of Sport” radio show on Jack FM!

Every Saturday Robin Caddy, the host of the World of Sport radio show, interviews someone ‘for’ and someone (usually a comedian) ‘against’ a particular sporting activity. As the show’s website says “Some sports shouldn't be regarded as a sport. Others that are officially sports, really shouldn't be!” Previous discussions have covered a wide-range of diverse sports and events including the Tour de France, Australian Rules Football, Wife Carrying, Bog Snorkelling, Darts, the British Pedal Car Grand Prix, Tchoukball, Scuba Diving, Roller Derby, Laser Battle Games, 10-pin Bowling, Croquet, Office Chair Racing, Beach Volleyball and many more! As the Jack FM website says “The debate rages each week on World of Sport!”

Minigolf’s “case for” was put forward by the British Minigolf Association’s Richard Gottfried who gave an overview of the sport, the difference between Minigolf and Crazy Golf, where to play in the UK, how to join the BMGA and also how the sport is recognised in over 40 countries worldwide by the sport’s international governing body – the World Minigolf Sport Federation.

The “case against” was delivered by London-based Cornish Comedian Matt Price. Who seemed to have a dislike for anything with the word “mini” attached to it! To give Matt his due he had done his research on Minigolf and despite being ‘against’ the sport he knew a lot about it and had visited various Minigolf websites. Commenting on the 27-page long World Minigolf Sport Federation Rulebook he said “There’s nothing mini about it!”  The BMGA does not condone or endorse his plea for players to “smash the Windmills” on any Crazy Golf courses. There are far better ways to tackle the obstacles laid out on a Minigolf course, as he would find out by having a round and some training with some BMGA Tour Pro players!

The British Minigolf Association would like to invite Matt, and anyone else who doubts that Minigolf is a real sport, to participate in a future BMGA Tour contest, we are sure they’d enjoy the game, competing for trophies, ranking points and honour (and some prize money) in a tournament, and the social-side to the sport.

You can listen to the Minigolf Discussion and the arguments ‘for’ and ‘against’ on the Jack FM website at ‘Sport or Not’.

You can also cast your vote in answer to the question “Is Mini Golf a Sport or Not?” on the Jack FM Facebook page.

The BMGA has two Membership Options – players can sign-up as a "BMGA Tour Pro" for £20 per year, or register via the BMGA website for a FREE Membership and receive details and news about the BMGA Tour.

The British Minigolf Association (BMGA) is the governing body for Minigolf Sport, including Crazy Golf and Adventure Golf. Formed in 1998 the BMGA organises Minigolf events for its members across the UK. Competitions organised by the BMGA include the British Championships, the British International Open, the British Masters and the World Crazy Golf Championships. The BMGA also plays a supporting role in other Club, Invitational and Open tournaments at BMGA Affiliate Courses.

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