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Running season long, the Season Only Rankings (SOR) were first introduced in 2009 with the aim of giving all players a more immediate and season specific breakdown of where they stand in relation to all the players that participate in tournaments each year. The SOR do not replace the Official Rankings (which are still the ultimate benchmark for players) but run in tandem with the official rankings. 

The focus of the SOR is to reward players for their results across the year, with particular emphasis on Personal Best performances, improvements round to round within any given tournament along with specific points for aces and a variety of other rewards. The breakdown of how the rankings are made up are listed below:

  • Playing in a tournament - 50 points
  • Relative result in a tournament - 10 points per place
  • Aces - 10 points each
  • Hatrick of aces - 50 points
  • Sub 36 rounds - 10 points each
  • Setting or equalling an Official Course Record - 50 points
  • Beating an existing Official Course Record - 100 points
  • Consecutive improvement round by round - 25 points per round
  • Player average better than tournament overall average - 10 points
  • Personal Best - 50 points

The updated ranking list is as follows:

1Michael SMITH (C1)3,165KMGC
3Sean HOMER (C1)2,825KMGC
4Marc CHAPMAN (C1)2,590KMGC
6Adam KELLY (C1)2,405KMGC
7Chris SMITH (C2)2,130GMGC
8Marion HOMER (C2)2,045KMGC
9Tony KELLY (C1)2,040KMGC
10Seth THOMAS (C2)2,030GMGC
11Paul JOHNSON (C2)2,025MMGC
12Brad SHEPHERD (C1)1,695LMGC
13Richard GOTTFRIED (C1)1,650MMGC
14Alan NORMAN (C1)1,480LMGC
15Kevin MOSELEY (C1)1,255MMGC
16Freddie BLACKBURN-SHAW (C2)1,255 
17Jas KUKIELKA (C2)1,205MMGC
18Chris JONES (C2)1,175LMGC
19Oliver FLORENCE (C2)1,145 
20Owen JOHNSON (C2)1,135MMGC
21Peter JONES (C2)1,105 
22John MCIVER (C1)1,050PHCGC
23Richard SKEGGS (C2)1,040 
24Alastair SHAW (C2)1,000 
26Cindy KUKIELKA (C2)910MMGC
27Matt CAPLE (C2)890 
29Scott LANCLEY (C1)830KMGC
30Martin STOECKLE (C1)800 
32Andy EXALL (C1)590KMGC
33Marc BAZELEY (C2)540MMGC
35Chris HARDING (C1)530MMGC
36David LEITCH (C3)395 
37John JACKSON (C3)390 
39Alan MCLAUGHLIN (C3)310 
40Christopher PROSSER (C3)300 
41Matthew HUMPHREY (C3)300 
42Rhys GRANT (C3)295 
43Charlie GOSS (C3)280 
44Graham CALDERBANK (C3)275 
45David YARNALL (C3)250 
46Neil GRAY (C3)250 
47Paul TATTERTON (C3)250 
48John BARRON (C3)235 
49Luke TURNBULL (C3)230 
50Nicholas BROWN (C3)215 
51Ian YARNALL (C3)210 
52Chris WALSH (C3)190 
53Mike KOZIOL (C3)140 

The bracketed information refers to the players status at the point they began scoring points this season:

C1 - Category 1 Players (current Top 16 / tour winners from 2010/2011)

C2 - Category 2 Players (outside of current Top 16 / not won on tour in 2010/2011)

C3 - Category 3 Players (Novices playing in 1st, 2nd or 3rd event, outside of current Top 16 / not won on tour in 2010/2011)

Key to Minigolf Clubs:

KMGC - Kent Minigolf Club - Captain - Sean Homer (
LMC - London Minigolf Club - Captain - Steve Gow
MMGC - Midlands Minigolf Club - Captain - Chris Harding
SPMGC - Splash Point Minigolf Club - Captain - Peter Emmerson (
GMC - The Green Minigolf Club - Captain - Nick Sandqvist (
PHCGC - Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club - Captain - John McIver


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