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Running season long, the Season Only Rankings (SOR) were first introduced in 2009 with the aim of giving all players a more immediate and season specific breakdown of where they stand in relation to all the players that participate in tournaments each year. The SOR do not replace the Official Rankings (which are still the ultimate benchmark for players) but run in tandem with the official rankings. 

The focus of the SOR is to reward players for their results across the year, with particular emphasis on Personal Best performances, improvements round to round within any given tournament along with specific points for aces and a variety of other rewards. The breakdown of how the rankings are made up are listed below:

  • Playing in a tournament - 50 points
  • Relative result in a tournament - 10 points per place
  • Aces - 10 points each
  • Hatrick of aces - 50 points
  • Sub 36 rounds - 10 points each
  • Official Course Record - 10 points
  • Consecutive improvement round by round - 25 points per round
  • Player average better than tournament overall average - 10 points
  • Personal Best - 50 points

There will be prizes at the end of the year for top players, top rookies, top juniors amongst others yet to be determined!

The updated ranking list is as follows:

1Michael SMITH (novice)7,815KMGC
3Sean HOMER7,170KMGC
4Chris HARDING5,915MMC
7Tony KELLY5,030KMGC
8Adam KELLY (junior)4,860KMGC
9Richard GOTTFRIED4,740MMC
10Paul JOHNSON4,530MMC
11Scott LANCLEY4,355KMGC
12Alan NORMAN4,110LMC
13Kevin MOSELEY4,095MMC
14Chris JONES3,930LMC
15Leo KUKIELKA (junior)3,805SPMGC
16Tim DAVIES3,615 
17Owen JOHNSON (junior)3,405MMC
18Gareth HOLMES3,375LMC
20Oliver FLORENCE (novice)3,195 
21Steve GOW3,085LMC
22Peter JONES3,060 
24Andy EXALL2,945KMGC
25Cindy KUKIELKA2,490MMC
27Richard SKEGGS (novice)2,365 
28Anthony POPE2,000SPMGC
29Jouni VALKJARVI1,995 
30Peter PARR1,750LMC
31Christopher SMITH (novice)1,745GMC
33Keith KELLARD1,655LMC
34Nick SANDQVIST (novice)1,600GMC
35Ruth BULLIN1,585LMC
37John MOORE1,440MMC
38David GOMM (novice)1,435PHCGC
39Terry EXALL1,405PHCGC
40Eirik SELJELID1,200 
41Matt CAPLE (novice)1,045 
42Norbert REHFELD1,030 
43Russ DENT1,025LMC
44Karsten HEIN1,010 
45Mattias STAHL995 
46Lionel BENDER985LMC
47Marc BRICKWOOD (novice)975 
48Olivia PROKOPOVA960 
49Matthew HARDING (junior)950MMC
50Freddie BLACKBURN-SHAW (jnr novice)940 
51Maths SVENSSON920 
52Torgny KJELLSTROM910 
53Trevor EXALL910PHCGC
54Johan AHLANDER890 
55Pasi AHO885 
56Rob DODD845MMC
57Kelly GALLIER (novice)770 
58Leif OHRLING765 
59Daryl PARSONS (novice)680 
60Marcus WUTHRICH680 
61Marie ISRAELSSON670 
62Helen HEALD (novice)645 
63Neil PARSONS625 
64Alastair SHAW (novice)610 
65Lutz BRUNE600 
66Alan FAWDEN (novice)600 
67Lucia SCHIBLI590 
68Marc BAZELEY (novice)580LMC
69Paul WHITEHOUSE (novice)555 
70Anthony KELLETT545 
72Mark SKINNER (novice)530 
73Eduard SCHIBLI530 
74Patrick CONNOLLY (novice)530 
75David WRIGHT (novice)520 
76Curran ANNETTS (novice)510PHCGC
77Philip EXALL500 
78Denis EXALL475 
80Richard HAYDON (novice)435 
81David ROSS (novice)430 
82Matthew LEMMON (novice)425LMC
83Phil BOTTO420 
84Catherine FLANNERY (novice)420 
85Steve STURDY (novice)420 
86Trevor ROBERTSON420 
87Kjell HENRIKSSON405 
88Paul MOORE400 
89Mat EVANS (novice)375 
90Matthew HUMPHREY (novice)370KMGC
91Max DORAY (novice)370 
92Murray BOWMAN (novice)370 
93Ou RONG (novice)365KMGC
95Alexander SHAW (novice)350 
96Andy MATTHEWS350 
97Richard FRANKLIN (novice)340 
98Rhys GRANT (novice)330KMGC
99Sam BLEWITT (novice)330 
100Alex EXALL (junior)330 
101Rachel DRUCE (novice)320 
102William COMPTON (novice)320 
103Alan PEART (novice)310 
104Seth THOMAS (junior novice)310 
105Andrew BERRY (novice)305 
106Nick BROWN (novice)305KMGC
107Matt KELLY (novice)305 
108Ian SLEIGHT305 
109Simon PALMER (novice)305 
110Will BRITTAIN (novice)295 
111Damian MARTIN (novice)295 
112Jenny PARKINS (novice)290 
113Sarah MANN (novice)285 
114Giuseppe RUGGIERO (junior novice)285GMC
115Dick LACEY (novice)275 
116William KING (novice)275 
117Katie BEST (novice)270 
118James FROST (novice)265KMGC
119Gareth GARNER (novice)265 
120Janet HOLLOWAY (novice)265 
121Julio KENT (junior novice)260GMC
122Allun WAKEFIELD (novice)255 
123Marion HOMER250KMGC
124Geoff BOWEN250 
125Johnny SHARP (novice)240 
126Ryan STRACHAN (novice)240 
127Nigel KEAL240 
128Sarah BERRY (novice)235 
129Andrew MUCKLE (novice)235 
130Ruth PREEDY (novice)230 
131Alison OSBORNE (novice)220 
132Jack SKINNER (novice)210 
133Katie WALL (junior novice)210 
134Thomas MCDONALD (junior novice)190 
135Geraldine MCDONALD (novice)190 
136Janette ROBERTSON180 
137Janet EVANS (novice)170 
138Ian WOOD (novice)160 
139Roy HARPER160 
140Stephen SMITH (novice)160 
141Gary WALL (novice)155 
140Eric EVANS (novice)150 
141Chris HOUGH (novice)140 
142Nilesh CHUDASAMA (novice)120 
143Gerard MCIVOR120 
144Alison WALL (novice)100 
145James BURLEIGH (novice)80 
146Matt BURLEIGH (novice)60 

(the bracketed information refers to the players status at the point they began scoring points this season)

Key to Minigolf Clubs:

KMGC - Kent Minigolf Club - Captain - Sean Homer (
LMC - London Minigolf Club - Captain - Steve Gow
MMGC - Midlands Minigolf Club - Captain - Chris Harding
PHCGC - Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club - Captain - Tim Davies (
SPMGC - Splash Point Minigolf Club - Captain - Peter Emmerson (
GMC - The Green Minigolf Club - Captain - Nick Sandqvist (

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