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The eleventh Strokeplay Order Of Merit of the 2018 season has been released following the 2018 Welsh Open which took place on Sunday 7th October at Strokes Adventure Golf in Margate. This season saw the category splits continue with Category 1 (made up of the top 16 players along with any players winning BMGA tour events across the previous 5 seasons). Category 2 features players ranked 17 to 32 inclusive and Category 3 features all other players on the BMGA tour. Category 4 continued to only include players for their first 3 events on the tour (NB: this category will only relate to prize funds and the BMGA SHIELD).

1Michael SMITH7827
2Steve LOVELL6938
3Will DONNELLY6758
4Andy WILDE6610
5Chris SMITH6577
6Andy EXALL6502
7Ed POPE6460
8Dave DONNELLY6387
9Mark WOOD6367
10Ted MCIVER6345
11Martin GREENHEAD6192
12Terry EXALL6183
13David GOMM6093
14Scott LANCLEY6086
15Ruth BURKE5883
16Derek BENTALL5817
17David HARTLEY5582
18James RUTHERFORD5411
19Chris WOOD5379
20Matt DODD5092
21John SHARP5084
22Seve KUKIELKA5016
23Adrian AMEY4972
24Paul JOHNSON4554
25Tiger PRAGNELL4125
26Helen DODD4110
27Martin RELF4057
28Matty EXALL4055
29Adam KELLY3971
30Rocky BULLIN3903
31Marion HARTLEY3864
32Simon BROWN3416
33Stephen SKINNER3400
34Marc CHAPMAN3315
35Sean HOMER3187
36Henri MYERS3080
37Tony KELLY3071
38Cindy KUKIELKA3050
40David TAYLOR2570
41Owen JOHNSON2487
42Philip EXALL2440
43Martyn WILLIAMS2412
44Robert LINNELL2187
45Marion HOMER2104
46Nuno CUNHA1890
47Russell SMITH1840
48Keith KELLARD1707
49Dee RELF1688
50Alan MARSH1615
51Chris HORN1557
52Steve GOW1507
53Rupert PILGRIM1473
54Jessica PILGRIM1423
55James HOLLINRAKE1373
56Dominic SAWYER1323
57Julian TURNER1307
58Paul PRESTON1304
59Oli PAXTON1223
60Jeremy LEACH1157
61Brian GOULD1115
62Ollie GREENHEAD1097
63Peter JONES1073
64Jamie PARKIN1057
65Kieran OLIVE957
66Seth THOMAS897
67Peter GRANFORS893
67Santeri LOHI893
69Andrew Nichols873
70Yann GREEN827
71Alan EVANS764
73Ed HAYNES698
74Trish MCGREGOR690
75Ben HOLROYD631
77Jack NIXON574
78Simon FARMER524
79Geoff FARMER518
80David WALKER464
81Chris LUCAS433
82Laura Skinner417
83Andrew GOMM381
84Anthony CLARKSON331
86Shelley COOPER315
87Alex EXALL300
87Neil GREY300
87Helen PASZYN300
87Michael WICHEREK300
91Russell CROCKER267
92Jon WRIGHT250
93Andrew LUCAS233
94Trev PATMORE138
95Vini HOLDEN133
96Kerry WEST100
96Jasmine TETLEY100
98Liz GOMM50
98Eddy GOMM50
98Isobel GOMM50
98Tom YOUNG50
98Rhiannon DAVISON50
98Steve RAGLESS50
98Andy PATMORE50

The Executive Committee decided unanimously to update the Order of Merit from the start of the 2017 season.


The main change is the length of the ranking period which has been shortened from a two-year period to a rolling one year period (365 days). The best five ranking points performances are still used to generate the Order of Merit.


What this means is we achieve consistency in the rankings which is something that we were never get able to achieve with fluctuations at the start of the season under the previous system.


Following the 2018 AGM, two other changes have been implemented. One was that there will be a guaranteed minimum of 1,000 ranking points available at any tournament where there are at least six members of the current top 16 in the Order of Merit present. Players who finished the previous season as Category 1 can only drop to Category 2 in the following season.

Any points due to expire in between tournaments which for example would happen for anyone who had taken part in the 2016 Midlands Open would not be applied to the Order of Merit until after the 2017 British Masters. So after the 2017 British Masters, all tournaments from the 2016 British Masters onwards are within the one year rolling period and the best five scoring events will be taken to calculate the updated Order of Merit.


Upcoming Events

Sun 11/11/2018
Kent Open 2018

Sun 02/12/2018
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Club Championships 2018

Sun 07/10/2018
Welsh Open 2018

Sun 16/09/2018
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Sussex Wasps Open 2018

Sun 29/07/2018
British Matchplay Championship 2018


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