The 2018 Welsh Open will be a groundbreaking event in the history of the BMGA. Following discussions with our Welsh friends, the 2018 Welsh Open, taking place on Sunday 7th October, will be the first ever bilingual event on the BMGA Tour.
Below you can find the entry details for the tournament in, both, English and Welsh. 


The 2018 Welsh Open shall take place on Sunday 7th October 2018 at Treetop Adventure Golf Centre in Cardiff. It will once again be a three round strokeplay tournament taking place on the Ancient Explore course.


This will be the fourth version of the tournament, all hosted at Treetop Adventure Golf, in what promises to be another cracker!


The BMGA are fortunate to have reserved exclusive access on the Saturday morning to the course. This practice session will only be available to tournament entrants, at the discount price of £10.


The course are offering a superb value £10 day rate throughout the year which is exclusively available to BMGA members upon the production of a 2018 BMGA Tour badge!


A guide to play the course can be found on YouTube here.


The team member on reception will be given a list of the candidate names. These can be ticked off as and when players arrive.
Course name - Ancient Explorer
Round 1 - Tee off time: 9am
Round 2 - Tee off time: from 10.20am
Round 3 - Tee off time: 11.40am
Finish time - 1.30pm (at the latest)
Play format
3 rounds of stroke play all on the Ancient Explorer course with exclusive access for the duration of the competition.

Entry costs are as follows:
BMGA Tour Pros - £20
Novice Players - £10

All tournament entries and payments should be made to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  via PayPal.


Below is the extra event itinerary:

Friday 5th Oct
BMGA Tour Pros can play for free (unlimited on Friday only)
6:30pm - Arrive for drinks, present badge on arrival
7pm - Individuals to order pizza of choice and receive complimentary drinks (3 x pacifico lager, soft drink as alternative)
8pm - 9-hole friendly comp between Golf wales vs BMGA pros (If Golf Wales are unable to attend, we have a team of budding putters who work for us that are willing to give it a go!)


Saturday 6th October
Exclusive competitor practice session and unlimited play on the Saturday morning from 8am-12pm. This is for both pros and novice entrants.
Cost for pro players: £10 for unlimited play (per player)
Cost for novice players: £10 for unlimited play (per player)
Course name - Ancient Explorer
Start time - 8am
Finish time – 12noon

The team member on reception will be given a list of the candidate names. These can be ticked off as and when players arrive.


A list of the latest entrants to the tournament can be found at



Bydd y Pencampwriaeth Minigolf Agored Cymru 2018 yd digwydd ar Dydd Sul 7 Hydref 2018 yn ‘Treetop Adventure Golf’ yng Nghaerdydd. Eto, fydd y cystadleuaeth tri rownd o ‘strokeplay’ ar y cwrs ‘Ancient Explorer’

Hwn fydd y pedwerydd Pencampwriaeth Minigolf Agored Cymru, a’r pedwerydd yn ‘Treetop Adventure Golf’ ac eto mae’n addo i fod yn fendigedig.

Mae’r BMGA yn ffodus i gael mynediad unigryw i'r cwrs ar fore Sadwrn.  Bydd y sesiwn ymarfer hon ar gael i gystadleuwyr y cystadleuaeth, ar bris gostyngol o £10. Mae’r cwrs hefyd yn cynnig y pris yma trwy’r flwyddyn i aelodau’r BMGA


Gallwch gweld syt i chwarae’r cwrs yma ar YouTube.



Bydd rhestr or chwaraewyr ar y derbynfa.


Enw y cwrs - Ancient Explorer

Rownd 1 - Dechrau: 9yb

Rownd 2 - Dechrau: o 10.20yb

Rownd 3 - Dechrau: 11.40yb

Gorffen - 1.30yh (ar y diweddaraf)

Play format

3 rownd o ‘strokeplay’ ar y cwrs ‘Ancient Explorer’ gyda mynediad unigryw yn ystod y gystadleuaeth.

Pris i gystadlu:

BMGA ‘Tour Pros’ - £20

Chwaraewyr newydd - £10


Dylid gwneud pob thaliad i'r cystadleuaeth i This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. trwy PayPal.


Digwyddiadau uchwanegol:

Dydd Gwener 5 Hydref

Gall BMGA ‘Tour Pros’ chwarae am ddim (diderfyn ar ddydd Gwener yn unig)

6:30yh – cyrraedd am diodydd

7:00yh - Unigolion i archebu pizza o ddewis a derbyn diodydd canmoliaeth (3 x lager pacifico, diod meddal fel dewis arall)

8:00yh – cystadleuaeth cyfeillgar 9-twll rhwng Golff Cymru a BMGA ‘Tour pros’


Dydd Sadwrn 6 Hydref

Sesiwn ymarfer unigryw a chwarae diderfyn ar fore Sadwrn o 8:00yb i 12:00yh. Mae hyn ar gyfer bob cystadleuwyr. Y pris o’r ymarfer yw £10 I bob cystadleuwry.


Mae rhestr o'r cystadleuwyr diweddaraf y pencampwriaeth I’w weld ar