2018 BMGA British Open Players pack

Welcome back to the familiar surroundings of the great Woods’ owned, Strokes Adventure Golf course, Westbrook in Margate. If I’m right then this is 7th time the British Open has taken place at this course and the exact same weekend back in 2007. The BMGA are happy to welcome our old friends and players from mainland Europe, many thanks for making the trip.

This year is a 7 round tournament for the whole field (4 rounds Saturday, 3 rounds Sunday), and a final top 18 round due to start from 2:00pm on Sunday afternoon.
The Prize breakdown currently as follows:
· 1st prize £130 (with trophy that you get to keep)
· 2nd prize £80
· 3rd prize £60
· 4th prize £40
· Top Cat 2 £25
· Top Cat 3 £25
· Most Aces outside top 18:Free entry to a BMGA one day tournament of your choice.

In the days leading up to the tournament, course will be open normal hours 10am– 5pm. Please remember the course including Friday is open to the public, so please ensure you do not hold any of the paying public up while practicing.

The course will be open 10 -6pm and this will be free practice to all registered players. If you wish to take part in the Players Championship and International Players Championship please register with Ted McIver before 1:40pm. Further details of this event can be found at the bottom.

Saturday British Open Day 1

The course will be open for practice from 8am and practice will end at 9:40.
Please make sure you report to the office 15 minutes before your first round scheduled tee -off time. First group will go out through a rolling start from hole 1 at 10am, and their next round will be approx. 80 minutes after their first round (i.e 11:20). As always the line up in your group will alternate throughout the day. The break between round 3 and 4 will be slightly longer but the last group should finish by approximately 4:30pm.

Sunday British Open Day 2

The course will be open for practice from 8am and practice will end at 8:45.
Round 5 will commence from 9:00 am with the groups reordered to reflect the leaderboard order, with the top 6 overall going out in the final 2 groups.
After round 7, the final top 18 will participate in the final round, due to start from 2:00pm. Should there be more than one player in the final position a sudden death playoff will take place starting hole 1, 2 then 17,18.

Competition specifics
4 rounds Day 1, 3 rounds plus 1 top 18 round Day 2.
Tee-off times will be posted on the tournament office board.
Once you have finished your round please return your scorecard to the tournament office.
WMF approved mingolf balls and a golf ball maybe used in this competition, course balls are not allowed.
Refs for the weekend will be any member of the BMGA EC (Scott, Martin ,Mark, Adrian, Ted, Steve and Will), please ask for help on rulings if you are not sure.
Tee-off area on any hole will be behind the chalk line.
Hole specific rules will be specified at each morning briefing.
Should there be more than one player in the final prize positions a sudden death playoff will take place starting hole 1, 2 then 17,18.
· We all play to enjoy our weekend of minigolf and the competition. Please be wary of your shadows, not standing too close to your active player, your chatting close to players, and consideration to others with your “Ace” celebrations. Mobile phones to be off or on mute, and not used while you are playing.

Tournament director: Scott Lancley, with help from the rest of the EC.

Course details
As always Matt and the rest of the crew will happily keep you fed and watered over the weekend. They have requested that you order food when you can, but please do not order for a certain time. Hopefully there will be lots of time between rounds for you to keep hunger a bay!
Toilets are at the course, please let course staff know if there is any difficulties using them.
The tournament office will be available for you to store bags and equipment, but please do not block the entrance as organisers will be in and out.

Players Champ & International Champ
Entry £5, before 1.40pm to Ted McIver
As with every BO it is the traditional friendly tournament the afternoon before the weekend. You can win a little drink fund and the rest of the money goes to charity (this year to a charity of Matt Wood’s choice.)
Players Champ format
· Round 1 stroke play
· Round 2 Match play (top 8 from round 1)
· Round 3 Stroke play (4 winning players from the matches)
Prize fund: 50% of Entry fee to winner, 50% to charity

International Players Format
· Round 1 stroke play
· Round 2 stroke play (top 2 from round 1)
Prize fund: 50% of entry fee to winner, 50% to charity.

As always, any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or while I and the rest of the EC are at the course. We hope you all have a great tournament and as always a friendly experience. Thanks as always, to Matt and the rest of the Woods’ family who have supported and welcomed us now for over 10 years.

Kind regards,
Scott Lancley
BMGA Chairman